1. To raise awareness about current business trends happening in the business world and increase the knowledge of our members.
  2. To provide professional services to the business community ( including Business Analytics, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Accountancy, Tax Management, and Financial Services).
  3. To equip the graduates with the sector level professional knowledge and skills.
  4. To motivate the graduates by enhancing their potential at maximum.
  5. To broaden the career choice of our members.
The MSF will pursue its mission and objectives by:
  1. Talks and discussions with business leaders, case-study sessions with professionals, and skills-based workshops and competitions.
  2. Inviting renowned scholars from each industry and academia to educate our members in their respective fields.
  3. Inviting recognized local, national and international industrial leadership
  4. Inviting motivational, inspirational and ethical speakers
  5. Managing co-curricular and extra-curricular activities inside and outside the organization.
  6. Partnership with leading firms from a wide range of industries including finance, consultancy, professional services, energy, FMCG, energy, real estate and many more.

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